the Game

The Faculty is a learning platform which uses gamification principles to help expand knowledge. By testing your employees’ knowledge, you are implementing the right strategies to develop talents and skills.


The principles of gamification allow us to insure maximum employee participation. The more they participate, the better you will be able to analyze your business’s specific training and skill development needs.


The Faculty allows you to create your content in a simple and intuitive way to create missions on different themes: from products to competition to company history, markets and business processes.

The Faculty adapts fully to your business reality.

Analysis and

The statistics reports included in The Faculty offer real time analysis of the knowledge mastered per employee, seniority, department...

This data supports managers in creating training plans and HR strategies adapted to their organisational challenges.


Client satisfaction is at the heart of our preoccupations.

That’s why we offer a support system adapted to each of our clients’ distinct reality to insure successful implementation of The Faculty.

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How it works?


The players must take up missions about various topics related to your organisation or industry.

A dashboard shows each player their progress, global result and ranking to keep them motivated and engaged.


At the end of each mission, it is possible to set up exams.

This practice allows you to make sure that the essential knowledge is mastered by the players.


Users are rewarded when displaying certain behaviors during the game.

Badges are a source of extrinsic motivation and encourages optimal use of The Faculty.

Proof by the Numbers

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knowledge acquisition

Our Clients

The Faculty is used both in the education field and by organisations in various industries (banking, agribusiness, associative…) who have a strong desire to support their employees in developing their skills.

All of our clients harbor the same will to do things differently by implementing innovative solutions in HR management.

The Faculty is powered by Alice & Smith, an entertainment company based in Montreal. We are passionate about generating emotions.

With 7 years of experience in creating and producing transmedia campaigns and over 15 years in digital marketing, Alice & Smith’s team believes in the power of emotion and in continuously creating new technological supports to reach people.


You would like to know how The Faculty can help you better evaluate your employees knowledge? Email us to find out more.